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As Constant As A Northern Star

If you want me, I'll be in the bar...

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Gonna wreck my stockings..

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a beautiful mind, alkaline trio, amilie, ani difranco, ann arbor, ash, astronomy, astrophysics, at the drive-in, autumn beauty, badly drawn boy, beer, being a dork, being clumsy, belle and sebastian, better than ezra, bif naked, billy joel, black lab, bubbles, caramel frappuccino, carl sagan, clumsy, coffee, coffee coffee coffee, comedy central, construction sites, contact, contemplating time, cosmology, cover songs, cs lewis, csny, david bowie, days off work, death cab for cutie, detroit, deutsch, die toten hosen, donnie darko, dorks, ee cummings, einstein, empire records, falling face up, falling for idiots, feynman, freiburg, gabby, godzilla, going concerting, goldfinger, goodnight kisses, gravity, hair dye, hemingway, hey mercedes, hines drive, hooded sweatshirts, iced tea, iggy pop, indie rock, james taylor, jd salinger, jets to brazil, john cusack, jones soda, joni mitchell, kevin spacey, kings of convenience, led zeppelin, letters to cleo, long drives, long skirts, making out, massive attack, mathman, matthew mcconaughey, mercury rev, modest mouse, mome raths, nada surf, nick drake, oasis, onelinedrawing, our lady peace, particle accelerators, pbs, pedro the lion, phish, photography, physics, piebald, pinback, playing guitar, prodigy, quasars, questioning, radiohead, rams horn, red hot chilli peppers, rem, rent, rilo kiley, road trips, robots, rock n' roll, rocking out, rolling the windows down, saves the day, scientific american, seti, shel silverstein, sighs, sinatra, skydiving, sleep, slurpees, smashing pumpkins, smiling, spacehog, square one, sterne, strawberries, taking chances, tenacious d, thai food, the autumn sky, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cassini gap, the change of seasons, the clash, the faint, the get up kids, the moody blues, the murmurs, the postal service, the weakerthans, the who, tofu, tragic optimism, transatlanticism, travis, university of michigan, veggie tales, weezer, writing letters
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